Data Science Fundamentals: Week 4

This week was an introduction to Python and its many quantitative functions, having had the chance to explore both Python and R programming languages, I have to say that I found Python a program that focuses on code readability, complex functions and would be highly useful for developers.

The Many Faces Of Gender Discrimination and Why It Won’t Go Away

The debate and issues related to gender parity within the workforce have been long-standing. Questions as to whether females are barred indirectly from progressing into more senior roles or whether females experience negative attitudes in the workplace can be polarizing. However, statistics glaringly show lower numbers of women in more senior roles. Women make up 22% of the STEM workforce in comparison to the 78% of men (Statistics Canada, 2014), compounded with a gender pay gap of 30% (Statistics Canada, 2013) and differing attitudes towards working women, this article aims to observe some of the most recent cases of women in the modern day workplace.